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Maia Ceiling Light


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This Maia Ceiling Light not only impresses with its elegance and appealing design but there is also outstanding technology that is hidden behind the simple design. 

In addition to the pleasant and relaxing RGBW light effects, which you can easily control with the included remote control, it is also possible to use the speakers integrated into the lamp to play your music, for example from your mobile phone, via the ceiling light. 

The 10-watt powerful lamp emits around 1100 lumens and it is possible to dim the lamp by operating the remote control.

Includes 1x SMD LED 10W

Dimensions are as follows: Height 8cm Diameter 33cm Weight 0.835kg

Please Note: Delivery of this item will take 2-3 weeks

Please Note: Delivery of this item may take between 2-3 weeks.

Contact us for more information regarding delivery of this item.

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