Galaxy Ceiling Light - GLAL UK
Galaxy Ceiling Light - GLAL UK

Galaxy Ceiling Light


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With a modern and unusual design, the Galaxy Ceiling Light creates an effective eye-catcher in your living room. 

The lamp is ideal for optimally illuminating certain areas. 

Furthermore, the lamp impresses with practical additional functions. 

Via the integrated switch dimmer you choose between three different levels of brightness using a conventional light switch. 

By grading the light intensity from 100% to 50% and 25%, the lamp can serve different lighting moods.

Includes 1x SMD LED 28W

Dimensions are as follows: Height 7cm Diameter 41cm Weight 0.725kg

Please Note: Delivery of this item will take 2-3 weeks

Please Note: Delivery of this item may take between 2-3 weeks.

Contact us for more information regarding delivery of this item.

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