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Deacon Ceiling Light


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With the stylish material mix of wood and metal, the Deacon Ceiling Light gives living spaces a special atmosphere.

The ceiling light has an integrated switch dimmer that allows the light intensity to be adjusted using the conventional light switch.

The colour scheme in matt nickel ensures a combination with the light wood for modern, homely accents.

In addition, the lamp has modern LED technology, which is characterised by high light quality and energy efficiency.

Compared to conventional halogen lamps, up to 80% of the energy costs can be saved.

In addition, LED light sources have a long service life, produce less heat and protect the environment.

Dimensions are as follows: Height: Diameter: 50cm Weight: 2.995kg

Please Note: Delivery of this item will take 2-3 weeks

Please Note: Delivery of this item may take between 2-3 weeks.

Contact us for more information regarding delivery of this item.

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