Wallpaper & colour of the year 2022

Blue wallpaper hallway

Introducing Restore

This year, it's time for us to breathe and restore with our Wallpaper of the Year collection for 2022! There is no denying that the hardships of the past couple of years have compelled us all to fundamentally re-evaluate how we live our lives. We are dedicating more time to self-care and contemplating how we can limit our impact on the environment and re-connect with mother nature. Our wallpaper of the year for 2022 Restore epitomises this shift in our lives.

This year's design, Restore, features a variety of wild, trailing plants on a chalky, concrete-like backdrop imitating the unstoppable forces of nature reclaiming the man-made. All three beautiful colourways are perfectly partnered with our colour of the year, Breath - a calming mid blue made to create tranquil and soothing spaces. Designed to reflect our refreshed state of mind and new lifestyle, this collection is the perfect reflection of the year to come!

In Addition to the Midnight colourway, Restore is also available in Sky and Emerald palettes.

Blue kitchen scene
Blue kitchen scene
Blue wallpaper bedroom
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Perfectly Partnered Paper & Paint

The Wallpaper of the Year and Colour of the Year are shining examples of the Graham & Brown perfectly partnered paint & wallpaper offering. Each wallpaper in the extensive Graham & Brown collection is mirrored by a precisely matched hero paint colour, and three coordinating hues for a complementary full room solution.

Complementing the Wallpaper of the Year is the Colour of the year; Breathe, along with partnering shades Gowns & Crowns, Burnt Saffron and Majestic.

Bleu Wallpaper Scene Image

Restore Sky

Cool & refreshing, Restore Sky is the lighter colourway of our Wallpaper of the Year 2022. This design is sure to welcome nature and peace within your home.

Featuring a calming colour palette of icy whites and sky blues, it will brighten even the smallest of rooms. The beautiful, botanical trails sit on a tranquil mid blue backdrop which perfectly partners with our colour of the year, Breathe, creating the perfect full room solution for your home.

Restore Emerald

Travel to the depths of a misty, tropical rain forest with the rich green colourway. Restore Emerald is a tranquil yet refreshing design, created to bring the outdoors into your home.

Featuring crisp green, botanical trails meandering through the depths of the emerald green backdrop, Restore Emerald is both striking and calming and is the perfect addition for any home!

emerald Wallpaper

"This soothing mid blue is perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces"

Created to complement all three colourways of Restore, our Colour of the Year 2022 is Breathe. Drawn from the misty blue hues residing within the Wallpaper of the Year design, this shade truly is a breath of fresh air. Dark enough to add colour and depth, but light enough to remain refreshing, this tranquil shade can be used almost anywhere in the home without encroaching on the space.

This soothing mid blue is perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces which is exactly what we all need for the year ahead as we take more time to care for ourselves and re-connect with nature. Pair with any of the three Restore colourways, and your space is not only peaceful; it is transported to a wild yet calming concrete jungle waiting to be explored.

Breathe Paint


Colour of the Year 2022

Breathe is a soothing mid blue, perfect for creating the calm and tranquil spaces. This shade is extremely versatile, working equally as well in deep and moody colour schemes as it works in light and airy colour schemes.

Since Breathe is neither too light or too dark, it is the perfect pick for the up and coming trend of colour drenching where woodwork and walls are all painted the same shade. This method is great for making spaces feel bigger and creates a unique look without going over the top.

Our entire Wallpaper of the Year collection is inspired by nature, so it only makes sense to use our Colour of the Year on your front door. Breathe is at home in the outdoors blending into the environment with its sky blue hues whilst the outdoor light brings out entirely new tones in the colour.

Mercury Paint
Tonal Pairings

Breathe can be paired with tonal matches to fully accentuate the blue hues without the distraction of other areas of the colour wheel.

We recommend using breathe alongside lighter blue shades such as Rowing Boat and Mercury. These can be used as an alternative to a white shade on skirting boards, highlighting the colour without taking the spotlight.

Or pair with our lighter colourway of our wallpaper of the year 2022, Restore Sky. Featuring a calming colour palette of icy whites and sky blues, it will brighten even the smallest of rooms. Perfectly partnered with out colour of the year, Breathe, this combo creates the perfect full room solution.

Contrast Pairings

If you'd rather make a statement then why not try a contrasting shade? Juxtapose the cool blue tones with a warm deep yellow such as Burnt Saffron or Majestic; a deeper blue. Why not take a step along the colour wheel with Restore Emerald, the wallpaper of the year 2022, both striking and calming it is the perfect addition for any home!

Burnt Saffron Paint