The Electric Miles app – for seamless everyday charging

Electric Miles is an intelligent data-driven management service for charging any energy assets while maintaining the stability of the electricity grid. Our mission is to make EV charging seamless and scalable for the entire ecosystem.

Homeowners with an EV-IQ charging point need to download the Electric Miles app prior to usage to activate the charger and access the scheduling, monitoring and usage functions. Simply search for the Electric Miles app, select EV-IQ and the model number, follow the instructions and you’re all set!

The UK government has mandated that by 2030 all-new car sales must be EVs. The expected 9 million EVs in the UK will increase grid demand by 30% and residential peak by 100%. Without a solution like Electric Miles, this growth is unsustainable and Hardware charger manufacturers often do not have the necessary software capability and EM is able to partner with them to provide this service.

Electric Miles

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