Your Guide to Mood Lighting

We can achieve some beautiful results by bringing in additional lighting into your room. Rather than have one main source of light and expect it to be able to do all the work alone, by adding lights you can set different moods, atmospheres and use your space for different purposes.

Your main lights might be up to the job of providing general ambient lighting, but by adding just a couple of table lamps and turning off, or better yet dimming, your main lights you can quickly create a cosy atmosphere perfect for unwinding in the evenings.

You can further soften the light by using fabric shades, these will give off a relaxing defused light and adding a shade is an ideal way of breathing new life into your existing lighting.

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Also, think about what you want to do in the space.

For example, if you want a chilled-out space while you read then use your shades and lamps for the soft ambience but also bring in a floor lamp that just casts light where you need it. Hereby cleverly using different lighting you can get the full potential out of your space.

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Playing with your lighting isn’t just about relaxing atmospheres either, you can inject interest and drama too.

By adding lights that highlight features in your room you can give centre stage to your room’s architectural features or artwork.

Directional lighting is excellent for highlighting these statement pieces because they can be positioned to light up exactly what you want.





 Another approach is by using exposed decorative bulbs that cast a warm glow over the features you want to stand out.

For this you would be looking at using LED filament bulbs, these come in extra warm white that will light up what you want but won’t cause any harsh glaring light.