Transforming Shrub Hill: A Showcase of Modern Elegance

Welcome to Sherriff’s Gate, Worcester – the heart of a revitalising urban renewal project. Here, within the vibrant tapestry of the Shrub Hill area, our team embarked on a journey that fused contemporary design and urban regeneration. The canvas? Two distinct show flats that serve as both a testament to modern living and a glimpse into the future of urban spaces.

Nestled in the heart of Worcester, Sherriff's Street has a history as rich and diverse as the city itself. This historic thoroughfare has witnessed centuries of change, evolving from a bustling market district in medieval times to a vibrant and eclectic part of the city today. Over the years, it has been home to various businesses and residents, each contributing to its unique character and heritage.

Sherriff’s Street holds an important part in our company history alongside its history of the city. The initial Green Lighting Ltd. office was within one of the historical units along Sherriff’s Street before the company moved to its current premises within McKenzie Way. This move enabled the company to expand, leading to the creation of Lighting and Living, or as we know it today.

How the partnership formed

Our history with Sherriff’s Street as well as our local showroom were just some of the reasons that have led to the opportunity to dress the show flats. Stennard Harrison, managing director of Sherriff’s Gate Development, visited us in our showroom and spoke directly to Genelle. Stennard invited Genelle and Rachel to visit the flats and asked them to put together a plan and quote for the dressing of the two show flats at Sherriff’s Gate.

Colours That Speak: A Tale of Hues

Colour is the heartbeat of any design. For the one-bedroom flat, we painted the canvas with the warm embrace of burnt orange, complemented by blacks and neutrals. The two-bedroom flat, on the other hand, danced with a myriad of blues and neutral tones. These colour palettes weren't just choices; they were invitations, charming viewers to experience the emotional vibrancy that colour injects into daily living.

Beyond the aesthetics, our design journey was about capturing the essence of urban living. The one-bedroom flat, with its burnt orange hues, exudes warmth and energy, while the two-bedroom flat, wrapped in calming blues, offers tranquillity in the heart of the city's pulse.

From Mood board to Reality

The magic didn't happen overnight. It started with a vision, a spark ignited by our design manager, Genelle. Mood boards were meticulously crafted, where inspiration collided with aspiration. These visual blueprints, breaking down each room's design, laid the foundation for what was to come. And then, like skilled artisans, our team transformed these visions into reality, breathing life into every corner.

Open the Door to Possibility

While these show flats may not yet be open to the public, the transformation within is palpable. The clever use of furniture has ingeniously unlocked space, making even the cosiest of corners feel expansive. The synergy of design and function has created homes that not only house furniture but also embody the art of living. And as these spaces stand poised for their grand reveal, they whisper a promise – that within their walls, lives will unfold and memories will be made.

Completing the Vision: A Symphony of Design and Innovation

With the show flats at Sherriff's Gate now fully dressed and ready to inspire, we reflect on the journey that brought this vision to life. Stennard Harrison, the Managing Director of Sherriff’s Gate Development said, "Selecting Glal to dress our show flats was an obvious choice with their association with the area and excellence in the industry. The transformation is beyond our expectations; it adds immense value to our properties." These words resonate deeply with our team, affirming that our dedication to crafting exceptional living spaces is making an impact.

Our interior designer, Genelle, whose creativity breathed life into every corner of these flats, shared her insights: "It's been a delight to infuse personality and warmth into these spaces, creating an inviting atmosphere that prospective buyers will truly connect with." Her passion for design, paired with the Stennard's vision, exemplifies the collaborative spirit that fuelled this project.

Stay tuned as we continue to unravel the chapters of this transformation. From mood board to reality, from inspiration to inhabitation, our journey isn't just about design; it's about creating spaces where life, in all its vibrancy, thrives.