Top Tips for Working from Home

Working from home can present a lot of advantages. You can get the job done all from the comfort of your own home and you don’t even have to get dressed! But focusing on the task at hand can be challenging, especially if your set up presents distractions. So, we are here to take a look at your workspace and how we can whip it into shape and get those production levels soaring!


It’s important to be comfortable. Just because you are working does not mean you shouldn’t be comfortable, quite the opposite in fact! Distractions from your environment are only going to lower your productivity. You don’t want to be too warm, too cold or any other distracting discomfort. For example, without the right seating, you’ll soon be thinking about how numb your bum is rather than the task at hand. If you have already got your workspace seating sorted, consider giving it a comfort upgrade with a nice plush cushion. Click here to view our range of luxury cushions and throws.

When working we do many focus-intensive tasks, from working on the screen to reading documents and sorting files, and all these require good lighting. Trying to manage without enough light we risk eyestrain and headaches neither of which are particularly helpful. An excellent way to get some light is to locate your workspace so that it takes full advantage of any available natural light. When doing this be careful to avoid any screen glare by having the light come from behind any devices you’ll be using.

We also want to make sure we have enough artificial light in the evenings, cloudy days or most of the time in our winters! The trick here is to increase the general lighting around your workspace, but to use a defused light to do this rather than a harsh draining light. We can create defused light by using shades that soften and scatter the light or we could use up-lights that bounce light off the ceiling and casting back down on us as defused light. Then for the focus heavy tasks, we can use a directed light.

I am sure the humble desk lamp is what everyone has in mind when we talk of home office lighting. And it is with good reason, these are an excellent way to introduce high levels of light to a specific area. However, if desk space is a commodity or you’d just rather something that blends in with the rest of your room when you’re not working, there are a couple of other options for you. You could go for a wall light or floor lamp that has a smaller directional light, these are both perfect for giving you the extra light needed for your work. This way you get your cake and eat it: create a space that encourages focus but does not end up looking like an office tucked away in a corner of your lounge.

We have looked at the importance of being comfortable and getting enough light, but it is also important to create a workspace you want to be in. Just a few simple touches add character to the space will improve your mood and increase your output. You could get picture frames of those work colleagues you dearly miss while working from home to brighten up your desk-space. Or if your co-workers aren’t the most photogenic bunch framed pictures of family or art, anything that will bring a smile to your face. Consider ornaments too, these can quickly jazz things up and can make excellent paperweights – a must-have to stop kids or a stray gust from misplacing your files!




We hope these tips help when working from home and if you have used any of our products to spice up your workspace, we’d love to see them so please get in touch.

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