The importance of Decorative Lighting in Interior Design

Lighting is arguably one of the most important elements to consider when designing a space. It has the ability to largely affect the mood of a room, adding another dimension to a space and bringing an interior design project to life.

Decorative lighting creates a lasting impression in a show home, with prospective homeowners often looking to purchase the same items for their new house. At GL, we can supply decorative lights for showcasing homes, taking away the challenge of sourcing from different suppliers, providing traceability and the opportunity to upsell to offset build costs.

Lighting can make or break the architectural and stylistic features of any space. Well-lit rooms ensure a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere in your home. It can simply boost and lift every single corner of a room, from the furniture, flooring and fittings to the finishes and textures. Selecting the right light when displaying a home can help you achieve the perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality, helping to make it appealing for potential buyers.

A dramatic pendant, a wall light or feature lamp does more than add attractive objects to a room. Our eye may be drawn to a large and pleasing pendant over a table, combined with downlights on either side will really add to the quality of the light.

Our research has shown that often customers want to buy the beautiful items that they see in show homes. provide a wide range of decorative lighting and interior design products that are not available on the high street that are easily traceable.

By setting up a trade account with us, we can support you to light up your homes and buyer’s imaginations.

Decorative lighting to enhance view homes and stock plots

At GL we have decorative lighting hand-picked by industry experts and proven to work in stock plots, saving time searching for suitable and cost-effective fittings. This are in stock, ready to go and can be delivered direct to site within 48 hours.

A partnership with GL includes:

  • Support in choosing a selection of decorative lighting for your Sales Extras brochures
  • Creating bespoke decorative lighting packages (dependent on house type and size)
  • A decorative lighting expert on hand to support with projects
  • A personal trade login to view your trade prices on our website
  • Gift vouchers to use as sales incentives

Contact us today to find out more or set up a trade account.