Mysterious Black

Embrace the dark side and add some drama to your interior with mysterious black. 

Black is a colour so many are afraid to use in interiors. But the lightest and brightest homes will benefit from using this colour and is becoming very popular.

Black is classic, elegant, bold and dramatic adding a punch to your interior. When used with flair it can bring a look of sensuous sophistication to any space. It will work in any kind of room as long as it is used in the correct way depending on the amount of black you use will create so many different moods.

You do need to take into consideration several aspects such as the function of the room, the atmosphere you are trying to create and the other accent colours you want to use.




Black is a great colour to create a moody and cozy interior adding some texture and pattern helps add some interest too.










 Black walls work really well with strong jewel colour- fuchsia, orange, turquoise and lime but equally a wonderful contrast with new soft neutrals.









Even if you’re not ready for floor to ceiling black small amounts can add definition and drama e.g shelves, door, door frame, rug, wall art or a statement sofa.



Think of your black room as you would a black dress it’s a great foundation but you need to accessorise it to give it life.

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