Making the most of your showhome

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author…” Charlotte Moss

As with most things, a good first impression is key - be it an interview, an important business meeting or, more specifically, a show home; you want to create the best experience possible.

Here at Glal, great interior design is both our business and our passion. As a housing developer, once the house is built and that front door opens, you want to ‘light up’ people’s imaginations with fantastic interiors.

When visiting a show home, people might only be inside for a matter of minutes but in their minds they are planning for the next few years or even, forever. The first impression is key - it’s important they feel at ease as soon as they walk in.

More and more show homes feature decorative lighting to really make an impact. Lighting doesn’t have to just be ‘lights’; it can be a focal point all of its own. It can even make a tricky house easier to sell…

A range of decorative lighting is more frequently being used in view homes or stock plots to help promote these particular plots, rather than just including the standard downlights or batten holders for pendant lights.

Why? Because from creating a stunning focal point to providing a visual impact, interiors can help sell your houses by making them into homes - no matter where they’re situated. By making the most of each and every space, a few specially selected, or even bespoke, interiors help a buyer to visualise how a house could work for them.

Here at Glal, we can also add our decorative lighting to show homes. The advantage of using us? The lighting is traceable for anyone who wants to purchase one unlike some products used which no-one can find where they come from!

We can also supply packages of decorative lighting or provide Glal vouchers as incentives for sales teams on site.

A partnership with GL includes:

  • Access to a wide range of decorative lighting
  • Sourcing cost effective pieces to dress Show Homes, View Home and Stock Plots
  • Support in creating bespoke decorative lighting packages to upsell or offer as incentives
  • Marketing support and material where required
  • Lighting and soft furnishing incentive vouchers
  • Homeowner discount codes

  • For more information, call us on 01905 349772, email or visit our Worcester showroom.