Home Pampering

We all love a Spa Day and know how relaxing they are with the luxurious treatments, soft music, fluffy robes and slippers. Pamper days are great for our well-being and mental health which has never been so important as now. So until the time comes when we can indulge in days like these why not try your own pampering experience at home. Setting the mood is an important part of a home pamper and the main point is to relax and unwind.


Put on some relaxing music, comfy pjs, dim the lights then it’s time to light the scented candles or melts and unwind or if you prefer using room diffusers to set the mood. Treat yourself to a home facial or face mask, stress can lead to breakouts. Smooth on a hair mask our hair can sometimes need a little extra tlc. Relax in a warm comforting bath with some soothing bubble bath or oils.


Finish off with a full body moisturise put on your comfy pjs grab your favourite book or put on your favourite film and recharge the batteries so you feel rested and mentally prepared to take on whatever tomorrow might bring. Enjoy 🛁